Friday, April 8, 2016

Breaking News

Breaking News: With the announcement that Steve Corino will be on the New Japan Pro-Wrestling "Invasion Attack" pay per view, the landscape for the PWF Universal tag team title match on Friday in Hubert has changed.

President Bert Foxx gave CW Anderson and Steve Corino the option of not defending the Universal tag titles at WrestleBowl Embers, but CW says that the titles deserve to be on the line and has chosen Timmy Lou Retton as a substitute.


  1. Great to hear the King is still hot across the globe! Best wishes for safe journey and return.
    in the mean-time, pretty interesting to see Timmy Lou step in with his fellow Militant Defeat partner The Enforce C W.
    Very cool that the dedication to putting up the belts is so high.
    See you tonight!!!

  2. Oh, and for Pete's sake, I really hope tonight's match included a huge spinebuster from CW. For me it is like watching Dynamite's snap suplex or the Snake's DDT, a timeless classic done by a master.