Sunday, March 20, 2016

Victor Andrews speaks his mind

A lot of people seem to want Joseph Blacks attention. "Mr. Everything" Victor Andrews just happens to be one of them.

Joseph Black until today I looked at and respected you as a man that never made mistakes.... Until today.. You see you've made the mistake of thinking I have this intrigue of passion for the Otani Openweight Championship. Now holding the title would be great and I would never pass up the opportunity to do so that is not what drives me. What drives me is competition. Battles against men who has the potential to make me doubt myself and my capabilities. You Joseph is one of many I see that can very well do that in the ring. Am I worried? Not one bit. Am I fearful? Well, God has not given us the spirit of fear so I fear no man nor beast. What I am is prepared. Prepared to step in the ring and look into the eyes of my opponents whether they be friend or foe and leave them and the whole world with the precise notion that I am one of the toughest in ring competitors you could ever witness. A man who you will know why I never back down. Why I never give up. Why I never stop pushing forward. A man that will kill himself just to keep from dying. So I leave you with this, keep your focus on your tasks at hand. And I will certainly keep my focus on mine. Until the day we end our battles and go to war! Use your time wisely Saiyan Prince!

1 comment:

  1. Joe, you might have trash-talked the wrong fella. James is an up-and-comer, but he needs a lot of speed to overcome his stature, and he may not have enough.
    Victor however, has a more well-rounded game, maybe it would depend on the day, but he could credibly get one from you and walk away holding the strap.
    You two seem like you are on the same side of the fence, but take two friends and put something they want between them and see what happens.
    Joe, I love your game and you tell a story as good as anyone, but so does Victor, and we've seen him in the fire just a little more.