Sunday, March 20, 2016

Emanuel Bodega addresses the PWF....and a ref?

Emanuel Bodega not only addresses the drop in his stock.
But his opponent for April 8 as well.
You know 2016 hasn't been the year I've wanted it to be.....i have been on a nice little losing streak .... I "lost" to Colby Corino , victor Andrews , i lost the tag team tournament...what do all these losses have in common you may ask ....Referee Sean Pittman! You have cost me victory after victory after victory all because your jealous!! Jealous of my movie star looks, jealous of my extreme wealth l...... You know what let me relax Sean Pittman if you interfere with the beating I'm going to give to James Anthony on april 8th....lets just hope your prepared for the stock market crash!!

1 comment:

  1. Okay E-Bo,
    The hallmark of an inferior person is the excuse. Finding every reason not to win, succeed, or accomplish the goal. I was a booster when you were in a moldy green t-shirt and ripped up pants that looked like they were salvaged off a scarecrow. I put money in your cup and rooted for you as you rassled' barefoot.
    but you cannot, and I might note have not bought a win.
    And now you blame the ref.
    The only wrestler in the promotion that has any business doing that WAS Jagger when the ref blew the call on Cedric's foot on the rope a while back.
    You have about fifty pounds on James Anthony. But I still think he has more heart in his left boot that you do in your newly-tailored formal attire.
    nobody, and I mean nobody respects a man who does nothing but make excuses and complain.
    So cry in your limo with Sahara there to listen and Jones at the wheel, as you go home after another thumping.
    But maybe you can do better.
    I'm still waiting for your money to make a difference.
    Hire some interference: even pay someone to pull a Tonya Harding on your opponent; at least that is a plan.
    But for Pete's sake, stop with the whining; nobody out here cares.