Monday, March 28, 2016

Make sure you come see us

Late night in social media HQ.

But it is worth it because April 8 and April 9 shows are going to be nothing like you have seen from us before.

If seeing Adam Cole taking on Joseph Black is not enough for you.

The Big Slambino Anthony Jannazzo takes on Dr. Jack Cicero on Friday night, and then defends his title against CW Anderson on Saturday at Camp Lejune. Jagger sets out to finish his war with Reggie the Reason on Friday and will join Dr. Jack Cicero on Saturday in a four corners match against The Geordie Bulldogs, The Militant Elite, and Emanuel Bodega and Jonsey. Speaking of the Bulldogs they get their chance at the tag team titles the night before when they battle the defending champions The Extreme Horsemen (Steve Corino), L&F Express and Zane Riley & Jakob Hammermeier)

Plus "Mr. Everything" Victor Andrews takes on the impressive new comerDC Delaney Friday Night. DC continues his journey on Saturday against The Giant Asaafi. James Anthony will get to see if he can crash the stock market when he faces Emanuel Bodega Friday and then Frankie Fontaine on Saturday.

And everyone seems to be quacking about Colby Corino. He will join forces with Joseph Black Friday to go against Ring of Honor Wrestling's own Adam Page and Jason Kincaid. And then will step back into the ring with Kincaid on Saturday for Kincaids MVW Title.

Did I mention stacked?


  1. This is easily the biggest week-end in the PWF I have ever seen.
    Top-tier matches by the handful. A quadruple main-event on base on the 9th, and a lot of amazing matches throughout!!

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  3. Trying to buy tickets for the April 9th show and we were wondering what the ticket prices are for sure. Also there will be 4 of us, all adults.