Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Emanuel can't buy everything

Emanuel Bodega's dollars have not gotten him the one thing he needs.

A break.

At Wrestlebowl Embers on April 8, he will go against James Anthony. Some say Anthony is just a win away from looking at a chance for gold, but he has not gotten the momentum out of the gate that he is looking for in 2016.

And Bodega? He just wants to buy his way to the top. But the money had got him no where.

1 comment:

  1. E-Bo hasn't found his feet yet. Maybe he never will. he has moved a long way form where he started, but if he wants to climb the ladder, he has some work to do, and he does not seem inclined to do it.
    jones can't get him there. Nobody is taking money to lay down. And even Sahara7 can't distract everyone enough (though it might be close).
    James might be thought of as bite-sized, but he packs a punch. And it is no fluke that he and Victor stayed champs thought challenges by much bigger opponents.
    James is ready to catch fire, and I think E-bo and his hangers-on will be left holding their heads and wondering what happened.