Sunday, February 14, 2016

WrestleBowl IV is coming

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  1. Love the line-up, with both fun and hard matches on the card.
    I have to bet on Janozzo in the main event: he'll find a way to put the big finisher on our fan fav Zane. Even with the patented time-out powers, the Slambino has his ways.
    Colby vs Cedric? Both are technicians' technicians, but Colby is just giving up too many pounds and Cedric knows how to bent/break the rules between him and his hand being raised.
    I have to favor Jagger vs Timmy as game as Timmy has shown himself to be. He just doesn't have that next level when things get tough to keep his shoulders off the mat.
    Reggie vs Joe could be the match of the night. joe has the skill and power to make any opponent work hard, and Reggie has almost as much to offer.
    The one could be a Gorilla position sell-out.
    great line up for a great show!!
    See you ringside.