Sunday, February 14, 2016

Will Reggie leave with the American Heavyweight Title?

In January, Reggie Reason went to Florida to wrestle for the vacant American Heavyweight Title. A non-PWF title that has been defended in the Premier Wrestling Federation. And he finished the job.

At Crystal Coast Clash 2 on March 5 in Cape Carteret, he will be defending the title against his arch rival Jagger.

When you think about it, this should be the way the war hopefully ends between the two, for the title. Reggie has been focused on doing what he has to to keep the title in the Militant Elite. Jagger has been clear that his goal is to end Reggie.

Will Reggie walk out with the title?

1 comment:

  1. Reggie has game, but Jagger is the better man. If and only if he can get through the match one on one. Of course Reggie is plenty smart and knows that if he goes dirty and gets DQ'd or counted out he keeps the belt. That one will be a hammering technical match with some big impacts.