Monday, January 4, 2016

Meet the Freshman 4

On December 27th, The Premier Tag League, Steve "King" Corino took to the ring to introduce to Premier Wrestling Federation audience, and to the world, the 1st class of the Carolina Wrestling Academy. The class being dubbed the "Freshman Four" were introduced by their real names, but as King told the audience in attendance, "This may be the first and last time you meet these young men by their real names. The next time you see them, they may be going by different names, and looking a little different too."

We here at the PWF social media desk have nothing but praise for the Freshman Four, as they have leaped beyond where they should be in training. Even young 9 year old "Steam Train" Steven has shown up some of his older partners. What will we get out of the next Freshman group? We never know, but we hope that you will take the opportunity to check out the Carolina Wrestling Academy and become part of the next group.

(Photo by Donna Landry) 
(Right to Left: Kyle E., Matt P., King Corino, Luke G., Steven T.)

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  1. Very cool to see aspirants to the show. Under the watchful tutelage of the King and hopefully other PWF'ers, I hope they safely develop into solid workers who understand the business. I very much look forward to seeing them work their way into the line-up!
    It seems like just yesterday we saw Kurt 'the hook' Robinson in his premier vs the King, and look how far he has come!
    Soon to be challenging a cagey veteran like Wise Guy Jimmy.
    Great stuff.
    Oh, and I'd love to learn more about the trade, but outside of being a ref, my old body isn't in fighting shape anymore. :)