Thursday, January 7, 2016

Jagger has some words for CW Anderson and M.E.

Today is the Enforcer CW Anderson's Birthday.

Jagger has an interesting birthday wish for him going into the extreme rules match when Jagger is joined by Zane Riley and ECW legend Tommy Dreamer to go against Anderson, Timmy Lou Retton and Reggie the Reason.

CW Anderson......there was a time when I could say "Happy Birthday" to you and actually have well wishes for you. However, while looking at this picture, the only day that I can think about is Friday. January 29th, because at Hashimoto Hall in Hubert, NC, history will repeat itself when Tommy Dreamer gets his hands on you again. For whatever "Reason", you've decided to align yourself with a group of thieves and thugs in the Militant Elite. I have a feeling that after Timmy Lou Retton, Reggie Reason and yourself go face to face with me, Zane Riley, and Tommy Dreamer in an ECW rules style are going to reconsider that decision. While you blow out your candles tonight, CW, don't forget to make a wish. If I were you, I'd wish not to end up on January 29th, 2016 like you ended on January 7th, 2001. If you think that Zane, Tommy, and I are coming to Hashimoto Hall ready.......Guilty As Charged.

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  1. CW,
    The world is an unjust place, full of tragedies major and minor. John Stockton never won and NBA title, Ken Griffey Jr a world series, and Dan Marino a Superbowl. You never got the push you deserved and spent years wandering the darkened corridors looking for some truth, some solace, waiting for the call up that didn't come.
    The trade is fickle and at the mercy of a few gatekeepers that cannot be made to see the truth they will not acknowledge.
    But each man chooses his own path.
    While it seems that your moral compass swings as you continue to search, good guy for a while, then you hook your wagon to Militant Defeat.
    When Vicious Lance grabbed your wife Shelley, I thought you would see what the dark-side holds; unethical, back-stabbing, mean and cruel. But instead you signed up.
    CW, you have no more mountains to climb. You have already won the races you started: you are a workers' worker, you've held the NWA belt worn by Steve Austin and Dusty Rhodes, and you have found the peace and stability you worked so hard to earn.
    You have worked across the globe and earned the respect of a business that trades in nothing else.
    You've taken the brutal bumps, overcome the injuries, wounds, and illnesses that would have crushed a lesser man out of the trade, and you are still standing.
    But now, you find an old shadow darkening your door, and perhaps your thoughts.
    Tommy Dreamer.
    You wrote an epic in the ring. A blood battle.
    As you sharpen your sword for battle once again, I wonder if you look to your left and right and take comfort in the two men whom you've aligned yourself with?
    Tommy, Jagger, and Zane stand across from you.
    The rules are relaxed.
    While I always hope for a safe match, you are stepping into a wood-chipper and even an accomplished journeyman like yourself has to understand what is coming your way.
    See you ringside.