Monday, January 11, 2016

Killerweight Joseph Black has some words for Cedric

"Killerweight" Joseph Black says his humility is his undoing.

When he crosses paths with Cedric Alexander, he is well aware that Cedric might be one of the best in the world.

But his humility is done.



  1. Joe is a hard to find mix of great game, great look, great talker.
    He climbed the greasy rungs of the ladder to the very top, only to be robbed by a thief.
    Cedric has been to the top as well with a technical game that is second to none, and able to absorb damage all night.
    This will be a GREAT match.

  2. Hey Joe,
    I thought this over. Humility is knowing that you have room to improve and not deluding yourself.
    Cedric is plenty good, but you are better. You have a bigger menu of moves, a bigger heart, a harder head, and you are younger and faster.
    His time is past. he peaked a long time ago.
    You, my friend, are on your way up.
    Dig in, grit your teeth, and take a huge step over him on your way to the higher ground.
    You've earned every bit of it.