Monday, January 11, 2016

An interview with Anthony Jannazzo

Nobody knew who he was.

That was until he walked out of the PWF Fan Appreciation Night with the PWF Universal Title.

Anthony Jannazzo journey in the PWF was all about business. He was brought in by the Syndicate to handle family business. Jannazzo confesses that walking
into the battle royal in December that he was the only one thinking that he was a threat for the title.

"I took it as an advantage."

The Big Slambino sat down with the social media director to discuss the title, the Syndicate and the number one contender to his title Assafi.

When it comes to his challenger at the Angels for Andria event. Jannazzo does not mince words in reminding the world that he beat Assafi once.

"You can't deny that I already beat him once," he said. "I am going to beat him again on Janurary 29th and I am going to continue my regin as PWF champion."

Jannazzo does confess that it will be a battle on the 29th.

"It will be a battle. I will say that, he is tough and a big guy. He gave me a run for my money but in the end with the family behind me. There is no way we walk out of there
without the heavyweight title"

The Syndicate:
He realizes that the sudden growth of The Syndicate has been seen by outsiders as a surprise. But not to The Syndicate themselves.

"To say it has been our plan all along, it has been" Jannazzo explained.

When it comes to the addition of Wise Guy Jimmy Cicero, Jannazzo values the knowledge and skills that Cicero brings to the "family"

"I would not want to have anyone else on my side but him. He is a very well respected and tough individual."

When it comes to the addition of NiteStic Eddie Brown, Jannazzo said that Brown is smart man.

"He knew he should be part of the Syndicate, he knew he could not refuse the offer that was given to him."

The Future:

Janazzo was clear when it comes to the future for not only himself, but The Syndicate as well.

"There is only one family in the PWF and that is the Syndicate. We have proved it in the ring with our actions. We don't have to talk about it."

He also has a clear message to anyone who wants to question the power of the Syndicate including the holder of the one belt they do not have; Reggie the Reason.

"They want to jump in there and get laid out just like we did to Jack Cicero, they are more then welcome to come in. And we will take that belt with us."

He assured us on the 29th; that nothing will change and the Syndicate will be walking out with the titles.

"The family will hold the titles."

You can hear the entire interview below.


  1. I'ma glass My bambino is A don Soooo good!

    -Don Mario

  2. When I saw this guy come into the PWF, I knew they had plans for him. Big strong guy who drinks the boos and heat like a cold beer. And who can take away the fact that his angry face looks like he's about to bite off an ear?
    Play it hard and dirty bud, you have the tools and talent.
    He could go against anyone in the PWF and be an even=money bet.
    Great to have you around, but.....
    Now that you've lined up with the Syndicate, I have to say it will be all the better when Jagger makes you tap, or Bobby put you down for the big three.