Monday, December 14, 2015

The following has been brought to you by Timmy Lou Retton

The following statement has come from Timmy Lou Retton.

He wants to explain what he truly thinks of the Premier Tag League.

I have to get this off my elegant chest

The concept of this Premier Tag League on December 27th is ludicrous!!!

The office is giving the PWF peasants the power to choose His Most Excellence of Elegance, Timmy Lou Retton's partner!?!?


I. Don't. Think. So.

These peasants are the same so-called "fans" that continue to choose to ignore the PURE talent I posses...AND...BOO my M.E. brothers and myself!!!

They CLEARLY don't appreciate real talent. Furthermore, what makes Foxx think someone up to my caliber will be chosen!?!?!?

They CAN'T!!!
I shudder to think who they will draw as my ‘partner’.

Frankie Fontaine?

Emanuel Bodega's Driver?

King Corino ?

Mr.Wrestling 3?


The nerve of you commoners (yea I said it)!!! This is a clear conspiracy!!! You all are ALWAYS finding some new way to try and deter me and my M.E. brethren.

...because no matter who they pick I WILL be victorious.
I WILL continue to destroy these wannabes. And I WILL win it all.

1 comment:

  1. Betty Lou,
    Yet again I appeal to you to let go of the garbage and go back to being yourself.
    ME talks to much, wins too little, and hasn't earned anything at all so far.
    Your crew is just a bunch of blown up wind-bags that seem to be slowing you down.
    You're better than this Betty. Or at least you were.