Sunday, December 13, 2015

Emanuel and his money

Money does not buy happiness..

Unless you are Emanuel Bodega.

Emanuel has the chance to walk out of the Premier Tag League with the tag team titles.

There is a rumor that he plans on putting his money to use to buy his way though December 27, to assure he will walk out with the gold.

We have yet to confirm it.

But rest assured, we are certain of one thing. Bodega is going to go to any means to make sure he walks out with the title regardless of his tag team partner.

1 comment:

  1. Go for it EB!!
    you'll get a couple weak sisters to lay down, but them you'll run into a face who won't. Better yet, maybe you'll get one half of a team to walk and have a two on one!!
    you might learn something bud; you might, MIGHT be able to buy an advantage, maybe even a title, but you can't keep it for long