Sunday, October 18, 2015

Timmy Lou Retton speaks his mind

Timmy Lou Retton has had enough of trying to prove himself and on November 6th and 7th he plans on going into PWF's first double header weekend to prove a point.
Its really getting old having M.E. jumping through hoops to show our dominance. The combination of talent in M.E. FAR exceeds what the other wannabes fail to show time and time again. Considering the talent I posses and the things you've seen me do in the sickens me that the other members of M.E. and myself STILL have to prove ourselves.
Enough is enough.
On November 6th and November 7th? Instead of getting the Tag Team title shot match that M.E. DESERVES...??
You throw two men who despise each other against the GODS. Joseph Black, you ole rain cloud and Jakob Hammermeier, whatever THAT means?, have the unfortunate task of "teaming up" against The Tumbler and 'The Morning Star ' William Huckaby.
Hopefully there will be enough of you two weirdos left for your ladder match the next night.
Good luck gentleman you'll need it.
And on the 7th my brother Reggie Reason makes his glorious militant return and teams with me as we take on the returning Sean and Mark Denny. Two teams that have been proving how talented and effective we are who hadn't faced eachother as of yet.
Well sorry 'Dogs'. You're going in the dog house. And if you make us militant enough? We'll put you out to pasture...Old Yeller style.
M.E. WILL get those Championships.
We WILL annihilate ANYONE who gets in our way.
PWF WILL give us what we want.

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  1. Oh, Timmy. Talent alone does not impart merit. Greatness is measured by opposition and endeavor. If you tally wins over the lower-tier workers and cheat to do it, can you really hold your head up?
    So stop sitting around in a circle with your team telling each other how great you all are and show us something.
    You want respect? Earn it.
    You want the nod that you are #1? Get some gold around your waist.