Monday, October 19, 2015

Jakob Hammermier responds to Joseph Black

It is a rarity for Jakob Hammermier to stop by. But the words of "Killerweight" Joe Black, have resonated.
The two will have a journey during the first PWF double header weekend; November 6th and 7th.
"Mr. Joe Black,
I honestly don't consider your Otani championship title win a fluke.
Quite the contrary. I find it commendable that you were able to be savvy enough to capitalize on the power of my fists. I would've pinned Will Ferrera just as fast as you did, had I seen the devastating K.O. punch being administered from someone as charming, handsome, and clever as myself.
You are a warrior in the true sense of the word Joseph Madara Blackwail . You have the heart of lion, the strength an ox, and you are a fantastic professional wrestler. But I don't know if you're willing to do whatever it takes to get the "W".
Forget all the glorious dancing/shimmying for a second, Jakob is a despicable man. He is not afraid to do WHATEVER is necessary to win. I'm not just willing to cheat, to be frank, I'm really good at it.
Introducing a ladder in the next chapter of our story is our introduction to war.
And there ain't no cheatin' in war daddy!
November 7th at Macdaddy's
Jakob leaves with his Shinjrio Otani Openweight Championship; and I also leave the warrior poet Joe Black at a loss for words.
- JH"


  1. Herr Jakob,
    You have a ton of heart and you are a natural under the lights. you have shown again and again that you will give us your best and leave it all in the ring.
    Seeing you finish matches with red welts from the ropes, and chest chops with your hand raised has earned you the respect of the masses.
    Joe may be the one to take you to the next level: big, strong, physical, and with a full bag of moves and tricks.
    Good luck, and safe match: much respect for taking the ladder challenge, but gravity is a fickle mistress brother, please be careful up there.

  2. Why Jakob, do I sense a turn coming on? Your charisma (maybe mostly the flowing locks) may have taken in some, and nobody can take away your entrance, complete with hip pop on the beat, but I remember well when you were the dirty dirty man you once were.
    If you are going dark to get the belt back, herr Jakob, I can only hope you think of ze children that look up to you as an example.
    How could you go home to your young son and Frau Hammermier and rest on your ample couch as she feeds you peeled grapes and brushes your hair and feel good about what you have done? Even as you check your reflection in the shiny, shiny belt.
    Legacy Jakob. Your deeds are recorded and remembered. The tales you tell of good versus evil, and please keep in mind mein feund, we will not forget if you steal a win for tarnished glory.