Monday, October 26, 2015

The Geordie Bulldogs want their shot

The Geordie Bulldogs want another chance at the tag team titles. They feel like the PWF has thrown road blocks in their way.
If its true, the latest road block is arguably the hottest property in the PWF, the Militant Elite. The two tag teams will face off on November 7 at Mac Daddys for Saturday Night is Alright for Fightin.
Its not a secret that the two teams are not the most popular in the PWF.
But who comes out on top and makes another step in the right direction for the PWF tag team title scene?
Reggie the Reason and Timmy Lou Retton have made their goal to take apart the PWF piece by piece and the tag team division is a huge piece of the puzzle.
Who comes out ahead to take another step forward in the tag team division?

1 comment:

  1. Much love for the Bulldogs; they could make reading a hone book entertaining. BUT.......
    The tag-teams depth in PWF is a bit thin, and they came in like dynamite, but had their problems getting through 1stGen!
    I think they have a good shot at finding a win vs Militant Defeat, and then and only then should they get a shot at the crown.
    You have to get through the gatekeepers before you see the MAN.