Monday, October 26, 2015

Bobby Wohlfert has some words to say

Bobby Wohlfert smile emoticon has been pretty silent since what happened at Legacy Cup. But going into PWF: Fallout and PWF: Saturday Night is Alright for Fightin, he is on a mission to not only take the tag team titles from f1rST Generation on November 6 but he is ready to finish what he started on November 7 when he takes on Will Huckaby. Wohlfert has major issues when it comes to the M.E and plans on taking those out on Huckaby.

1 comment:

  1. Bobby,
    Highest respect for your service and your work ethic. You have plenty of heart and the moves to find a way to win. Militant Defeat is a different animal, and maybe you should be careful when you dance with the devil. It takes three or four of them to take a leak, maybe bring a friend ringside just to keep their BS out of the equation.
    As far as 1stGen; that is a big bite to take. They've found the path to victory over some impressive teams including the Extreme Horsemen. I think one on one you'd have the edge, but those two are gamers with a huge bag of moves and even with the mighty Frankie in your corner, I'm not sure it is in the cards.
    Best of luck for a safe match, you've earned your shot and here's hoping you can get a fair match from MDefeat, and get a well-deserved belt.