Monday, February 16, 2015

PWF WrestleBowl III Results

Premier Wrestling Federation "WrestleBowl III"
February 13, 2015
Hashimoto Hall
Hubert, NC

1. PWF Tag Team Titles, V1 Defense: F1rst Generation (31st Champions) defeated Zane Riley & Emmanuel Bodega, (7:42) when Anthony pinned Bodega.
2. The Law's Last Stand: Jakob Hammermeier beat Officer Powers, (8:10), after the KO Punch.
3. Fantastic Fight: Tommy Face, Ricky Landell, & Fabulous Frankie Fontaine defeated Reggie Reason, Chip Day, & Officer Tyme, (12:58) when Fontaine pinned Officer Tyme.
4. $1000 Bounty Match: Jagger submitted Dr. X, (6:54).
5. PWF Jr. Heavyweight Title: Corey Hollis defeated Colby Corino, (19:59), after the Alabama Elbow to become the 9th champion.
6. Carolina Chain Match: CW Anderson beat Mad Dog Josh Powers, (9:23), after a Superkick to touch the 4th corner.
7. Last Man Standing, Texas Death Match Rules: King Corino defeated The Monster C, (8:12), by referee stop. The Monster C was revealed to be Hangman Jesse Logan.
8. PWF Heavyweight Title, V3 defense: Cedric Alexander (c) defeated Joe Joe Dancer, (15:01) after the Lumbar Check.  

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  1. Great show and great card! I'd like it if the guy with the video camera ring-side wasn't 300 pounds of eclipse killing the view and the footage ended up somewhere I could watch!