Tuesday, February 17, 2015

PWF On Tour! Dreams-March 20, Crystal Coast Clash-April 3


  1. What a card! Good luck Jagger, I'm hoping nothing stupid happens this time and you close it out; you've worked hard for it.
    1stgen vs XHorsemen? Speed vs power, brawlers vs fliers; this could be interesting. Colby always has the match of the night, but Jow Black has plenty of game and power to boot.
    And any event with Jakob is a winner: everybody loves Jakob.

  2. Wait a second. I see Christoph and Katie will be on the card. Jagger, when you get your well-deserved shot, maybe bring a friend as Christoph should not be trusted.
    And I hope Frankie's feeling it after his last win, Gluteus is a big tough competitor.
    Good luck guys