Wednesday, September 24, 2014

PWF Presents PASSION RUNS DEEP On October 19!

The Premier Wrestling Federation returns to the SBSA Bingo Hall/PWF Arena on Sunday afternoon, October 19, with a 4pm belltime.

Two title matches have been announced by President Bert Foxx, including American Tiger, returning to the PWF Arena for the first time since The Bash in July, defending the PWF Junior heavyweight championship against Puerto Rico's Hector Sanchez.

Then its the Crystal Coast Openweight champion, Jo Jo Dancer, putting his crown on the line against the leader of The Law, Nitestic Eddie Brown.

After their brawl during Legacy Cup, President Foxx had no choice but to set the battle lines and let The Monster C and Mad Dog Josh Powers clash with The Extreme Horsemen of CW Anderson and King Corino!

Controversy has surrounded the PWF tag team titles for the past few months, with the championships bouncing from F1rst Generation to Team Fab and then back to F1rst Generation this past Sunday. On October 19, F1rst Generation and Team Fab will battle again, but this time it will be in singles action.

Fabulous Frankie Fontaine will wrestle Victor Andrews and then Luscious Lance Fontaine will wrestle James Anthony. If Team Fab wins BOTH singles matches, they will receive a PWF tag team title shot that night!

If you have been following the PWF on Twitter at @PWFLegacy, Jagger has been very outspoken on what happened at Legacy Cup regarding Christoph Rockwell and the use of Josh Powers' chain. President Foxx has sanctioned a number one contenders match between Jagger and newcomer, Chikara's Jakob Hammermeier.

At Legacy Cup, Club VIPWF members got to see a rematch between Chasity Taylor and Katie Taylor. Katie wasn't too pleased about the way she lost and actually walked away from Chasity after their match. She eventually came back and shook hands with the popular Chasity and asked for one more match. They will meet again on October 19 at Passion Runs Deep.

And CZW Dojo's Curt Robinson, the teenage prodigy, will make his professional wrestling debut. His opponent will be none other than King Corino!

"I have known this kid since he was in diapers. His father, Rob Dimension, was one of the original owners of the PWF, and I have followed Curt's training since day one. It makes sense to me that he has his first match with me. But I am going to warn you kid. I am not going to take it easy on you. Life is about lessons and I am going to teach you one. Pack a lunch Curt Robinson, because school will be in session. Old School" said the 20 year pro, Corino.

Our special guest for Passion Runs Deep will be original co-owner of the PWF and award winning filmmaker, Rob Dimension! 

Dimension will be selling DVD's of his award winning movies, No Clowning Around and baggage, plus signing autographs.

Tickets are only $10 for adults and $5 for kids under 13. Doors open for general admission at 3:30 for a prompt 4pm start. This event will end no later than 6:30pm.

Do you want early access to Passion Runs Deep? Join Club VIPWF! For only $5 ($2 for kids under 13) extra, you can enter the PWF Arena at 3pm, pick your seat, get some fresh and hot Dominos of Hubert pizza, and enjoy a bonus match. BUT if you buy your tickets online at, you get Club VIPWF access for FREE!!!!

Premier Wrestling Federation presents Passion Runs Deep
Sunday, October 19
SBSA Bingo Hall/PWF Arena
400 Hubert Blvd.
Hubert, NC 28539

Fight Card
1. PWF Jr. Heavyweight Title: American Tiger (c) vs. Hector Sanchez
2. Curt Robinson Debut Match: King Corino vs. Curt Robinson (CZW Dojo)
3. Team Fab Challenge Match I: Fabulous Frankie Fontaine vs. Victor Andrews (1stGen)
4. Team Fab Challenge Match II: Luscious Lance Fontaine vs. James Anthony (1stGen)
*If Team Fab wins both matches, they receive a PWF tag team title match immediately.*
5. Premier Womens Federation Special: Chasity Taylor vs. Katie Taylor
6. No. 1 Contender to the PWF Title Match: Jagger vs. Jakob Hammermeier (Chikara)
7. Battle Lines Are Drawn: The Monster C & Mad Dog Josh Powers vs. The Extreme Horsemen (CW Anderson & King Corino)
8. Crystal Coast Openweight Title: Jo Jo Dancer (c) vs. Nitestic Eddie Brown (w/The Law)

And don't forget that the PWF will be appearing at the Crystal Coast Con on Saturday, October 18 from 10am-whenever. King Corino, PWF tag team champions F1rst Generation, Team Fab, and filmmaker Rob Dimension will be among the PWF staff at "The Con". Make sure you join us and such great guests as Ernie Hudson, Casper Van Dien, Patrica Tallman, Esme Bianco, Bill Blair, and more. Get your Crystal Coast Con tickets at

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