Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Team Fabulous is ready for PWF and Redneck Extreme

For months, the longtime team of Fabulous Frankie and Luscious Lance, Team Fabulous were at odds in Shockwave Wrestling Entertainment. Fans knew it was a misunderstanding, but it took some angered words and blood spilled, for them to realize that they just needed to change.

And that change begins at PWF 13 as TeamFab reunites to take on the boys from Route 222 in Quarryville, PA, Kyle and Chuck Payne-Redneck Extreme.

"Them fanny pack wearing Southern boys think they gonna run through us on their way to tag team gold? They crazy. Around our parts, we beat guys like Frannie and Larry up on a normal Friday night before we go to the drive-in with our dates. Hubert, North Carolina ain't seen anything like us boys." said Kyle Payne.

Chuck Payne, spitting tobacco on the ground, just said "First the Fabs, then the belts....then some Skynyrd."

Premier Wrestling Federation presents "13"

Friday, May 16, 2014

Hubert Bingo Hall

400 Hubert Blvd.

Hubert, NC


Matches signed:

PWF WORLD-1 heavyweight title (decision match): 
Mr. Wrestling 3 (PWF) vs. CW Anderson (Free)


Presented by AutoTech of Raeford, NC

F1RSTGeneration (James Anthony & Victor Andrews) vs. Sky High (Andrew Everett & American Tiger)

Jo Jo's Homecoming: 

Jo Jo Dancer vs. MONSTER Ahtu Arkum 

Premier Womens Federation special: 

Katie Taylor (Shockwave) vs. Mia Svensson (Sweden)

Plus: Team Fabulous, The Payne Brothers, Jagger, Former NFL Star Moose Ojinnaka, and many more!

Tickets: $10 for Adults, $5 for Kids Under 13.

Purchase advance tickets via PayPal at PWFLegacy@gmail.com.

Visa/MasterCard accepted at the door!

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