Thursday, April 17, 2014

Jagger Faces A Mad Dogg Challenge May 16

For the last few years, Jagger has been primarily showcased in the popular tag team, Anarchy Now. Although they have been very successful, Jagger has signed on with the Premier Wrestling Federation as a singles competitor. 

"In no way, shape, or form, does this mean that Scab and I are done as a team. I just feel that the PWF is right for me to capture a singles title and show the world that I am not only a tag team wrestler, but all around wrestler."

Jagger, who has gone through an amazing body change over the last year, losing over 75 pounds, is ready for a new challenge. This has not only increased his speed in the ring, his wind, but maybe more importantly, his confidence.

But on the other side, the evil Dr. Navillus brings to the PWF on May 16, his "Mad Dogg", Josh Powers.

Powers, a 260 pound powerhouse, has been hurting wrestlers big and small up and down the Eastern regional scene. 

"Mr. Jagger's story is inspirational. A modern day Rocky Balboa of sorts." said Dr. Navillus, "But Rocky Balboa was a fictional character in a fictional movie. My Mad Dogg only deals with reality. The reality that he will hurt every member of the PWF on his way to either the PWF WORLD-1 championship or Crystal Coast Openweight championship."


Premier Wrestling Federation presents "13"
Friday, May 16, 2014
Hubert Bingo Hall
400 Hubert Blvd.
Hubert, NC

Belltime-7:30pm (Event will end NO LATER than 9:45pm)

Matches signed:

PWF WORLD-1 heavyweight title (decision match): 
Mr. Wrestling 3 (PWF) vs. CW Anderson (Free)

Presented by AutoTech of Raeford, NC
F1RSTGeneration (James Anthony & Victor Andrews) vs. Sky High (Andrew Everett & American Tiger)

Jo Jo's Homecoming: 
Jo Jo Dancer vs. MONSTER Ahtu Arkum 

Premier Womens Federation special: 
Katie Taylor (Shockwave) vs. Mia Svensson (Sweden)

Tag Team Challenge Match
Team Fab (Fabulous Frankie & Luscious Lance) vs. Redneck Extreme (Kyle & Chuck Payne)

Special Singles Match
Jagger (Shockwave) vs. Mad Dogg Josh Powers w/Dr. Navillus

Plus: Former NFL Star Moose Ojinnaka, SSGT Bobby Wolfhert, Sheriff Eddie Brown and his Deputies, and many more!

Tickets: $10 for Adults, $5 for Kids Under 13.

Purchase advance tickets via PayPal at

Visa/MasterCard accepted at the door!

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