Friday, March 21, 2014


 After many months of searching and negotiating with different venues, the Premier Wrestling Federation is pleased to announce that starting Friday, May 16, the PWF will host monthly events from the Hubert Bingo Hall in Hubert, NC.

"Pro-Wrestling is one of the biggest spectator sports and entertainment outlets in the world. Unfortunately, on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina, it has been missing. With the PWF running regular events in Hubert, we hope to bring our form of family-friendly entertainment to this part of the Carolinas." said former ECW and NWA World champion and current ROH commentator, Steve Corino.

The Hubert Bingo Hall is located right off of NC Route 24 at 400 Hubert Boulevard. There is plenty of parking and every seat is a great seat for a night of action.

"I have always looked at Independent professional wrestling in comparasion to Minor League Baseball. You are going to see athletic entertainers on their way up, giving it their all with a dream to make it to a bigger stage. You will also see current stars and veterans that are looking at either sharpening their skills, working on something new, and looking to leave a legacy. All of this with an economical price for a family." continued Corino.

Already signed for May 16 are the following: Former ECW star "The Enforcer" CW Anderson, Mr. Wrestling 3, American Tiger, "Caramel Candy" James Anthony, Fabulous Frankie Fontaine, "Mr. Everything" Victor Andrews, Luscious Lance Fontaine, Nitestic Eddie Brown, and Jo Jo Dancer. And this is just a partial list!

Tickets for the event will be only $10 for Adults and $5 for Kids Under 13. Tickets can be purchased via PayPal at or at the door. We are setting up ticket locations in the next few months so that you can always buy your tickets early. Visa and Mastercard are accepted at the door!!!!

The PWF will run events on Friday nights from May to August and then December to May, with a strict belltime of 7:30pm and all shows will end NO LATER than 9:45pm. From September to November, events will be on Sunday afternoons with a 4pm belltime, ending no later than 6:15pm. We do this to insure our fans a the best show possible with family friendly entertainment in mind.

On Monday, March 24, the PWF will announce the details on "Club PWF", which will be a free service for our fans to get discounted tickets, merchandise, and more via our email service.

Tonight at 8pm EST, the first match for PWF "13" on May 16 will be announced! You don't want to miss it.

Future dates are on our Live Events page and include June 20 and July 18!

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