Thursday, January 30, 2014

Train at the DREAMS Dojo!

The King of Old School Steve Corino bring his 20 years of professional wrestling experience to the official Shockwave Wrestling Entertainment (SWE) and Premier Wrestling Federation training academy in New Bern, North Carolina.

Have you ever thought about becoming a Professional Wrestler? Or Manager? Or Valet? Or how about live event staff, which could include ring crew, ground promotions, ring announcing, and more? NOW is your chance to live your DREAMS!!!

Classes are forming now. For more information call (252) 444-4844 or email


How old do I have to be to train?

Trainees have to be at least 15 years old with parents permission. Trainees still in high school must hold a minimum GPA of 2.5 to continue training.

There is no age limit, but we would recommend anyone that is starting a professional wrestling training program to have a physical before signing up.

How much is training?

Total tuition of your basic training is $1500.00 paid over 15 monthly payments of $100.00. After your basic training is paid for in full, you would be responsible for monthly ring fees of $20.00 for 9 months. After that period, you never owe another dime.

Advanced training sessions with Steve Corino are an additional $10.00 a session (once a month) while you are in basic training and then $20.00 after.

Outside seminars with wrestlers coming into either SWE or PWF will be your responsibility.

Payments are accepted via cash, check, PayPal, Visa, or MasterCard.

Where is the training academy located?

The Dojo is located in New Bern, North Carolina off of Route 70.

I want to be a WWE Superstar and/or ROH Wrestler one day. Will this training course help?

Absolutely. Your goal should always be to be the best and to be the best, that is to main event WrestleMania. We have the tool box and tools to help you become the entertainer and wrestler that both the WWE and ROH are looking for. Our goal is to get you in the right direction.

I am already a working professional wrestler, but I am looking for a ring to train in. Can I train at your academy?

Yes you can. Nightly training fees are $10.00 or you can get a monthly unlimited package for $20.00. 

Advanced training sessions with Steve Corino are $20.00 per session.

I want to get in better physical shape. Do you have someone that can write a workout plan for me?

Yes. We have a certified personal trainer that works with the Marines that will write you a customized workout plan for $25.00 that will last you 8 weeks.

I have joined the training academy six months ago and have a friend that wants to join. Do I get credit for a referral? 

Yes you do! For every person that you refer to the training academy you will receive one free month off the back end of your basic training package.

When do I get to have my first match?

When you are ready. The SWE and PWF will not put you in front of a crowd unless we feel that you are ready. Patience is a part of professional wrestling and learning everything you can is the key. Some wrestlers take three months, some take six, and some take nine. That doesn't mean that you won't be a superstar in the future if you don't debut in three months. Learning the craft is the goal.

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