Sunday, July 3, 2016

Will there be new champions?

One thing we know when it comes to the Extreme Horsemen King Corino (@kingcorino) John Skyler (@thejohnskyler) and CW Anderson (@ecwanderson) will do anything to protect the 6 man titles. But what happens on July 29th when Zane Riley (@iawzaneriley) and Jakob Hammermeier team join up @theplanetpeacock Dalton Castle in what has to be the most flamboyant 3 some ever? ‪#‎ringofhonor‬ ‪#‎prowrestling‬‪#‎jacksonvillenc‬ ‪#‎hubertnc‬ ‪#‎blackreign‬

Will there be new 6 man champions? Or will the Extreme Horsemen find a way to keep the belts?


  1. Horsemen vs that line-up? Well, I am not sure if Dalton will be around to defend, so who knows? But I would say no matter what it will be fun. I'd say the edge on technique goes to the Horsemen, but the three amigos will bring it.
    Then, Joe vs Colby which we've seen, but it epic in terms of the action, but edge to Joe; he just has the whole game and twenty pounds or so on the youngun'.
    Andrews vs Anthony will be what it will be. Sad to see it happen, but bad blood needs to end and maybe this will get it done.
    Cicero vs Cicero? FINALLY!!! The father son feud gets another chapter, but....Denozzo is one the card.
    Ducklings vs Camelot, and Timmy vs Bobby
    But then, there is the heavyweight belt is up but who is the dance partner????

  2. Depends if Dalton brings the boys with him or not!

  3. Depends if Dalton brings the boys with him or not!