Tuesday, June 21, 2016

What's next for Colby Corino

After an amazing battle with Will Ferrera at Kings Road, a lot of fans think that Colby Corino has what it takes to be the top star in Pro-Wrestling PWF.

But, then on the other hand, along with his Ugly Ducklings partners Rob Killjoy and Lance Lude are taking the regional wrestling world by storm!

Will the 19 year pursue singles gold or 6-man championships?

Or BOTH??? 

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  1. Colby has the world ahead of him. At 19 he already works better than most in the business. He is most often the match of the night whenever he is on the card. But.....
    For a while, until his hard work pays off and he goes from middle weight to light-heavy, there are a few in the league that would seem to have a clear edge.
    He is fast, and has a full compliment of spectacular moves, but Asafi, CW, Jagger and a few others could shake most of them off and keep coming.
    Not a commentary on his game or his heart, but getting through the heavyweight division might be a bridge too far.
    So what is left? The mighty Joe Black and the Otani.
    Could Colby get through him? Maybe. Maybe not.
    Even the Dynamite Kid, my all-time favorite had to recognize that there were some frontiers he could not explore. And Dynamite vs the super-heavies wouldn't be that great a match.
    So two cents from the stands, and with highest respect to the readily apparent capabilities of the youngest veteran:
    In the words of Dirty Harry Callahan: "A man's got to know his limitations"