Wednesday, June 29, 2016

King Corino speaks

King Corino had these words to say after the video from Jagger emerged. 

Jagger has opened a Pandora's box on @pwfcrystalcoast. @kingcorino doesn't take to kindly to family being pinpointed. He called with the following statement. "The mission of the Extreme Horsemen has always been the same: Win at all costs. Collect championships and never apologize for the way we do it.

It has made us hated, it has made us popular, but most of all it has made us winners. July 29, will be no different.

Now Jagger, it seems you would like to dance with the devil. That can be arranged. Watch this Friday on PPV and see what happens to the last guy that brought family into the 18x18 world. I'll give you a little spoiler: He's getting hurt."

Call out the name Buzar muu Khan my friend and I will be there. But forgive me if I attack not from the front, but by any way I see fit.

Because we are who we are.

You have my attention Jagger. Big mistake.

What will happen? Is Jagger in for a rude awakening after all is said and done?

1 comment:

  1. Well King, you are king of making Jagger's argument for him. If you pledge to the darkside while he is making the point that you aren't on the light side, who is the heel in this?
    If he's coming at you in the parking lot like Mr. Foxx said, then maybe you are still on the right, but if you are saying you will put a beatdown on him, and not after the bell and breaking after four, he may still be get the cheers.
    We shall see.