Wednesday, June 1, 2016

James Anthony wants to remind Luke Grimes that he is not the stepping stone. And he wants to remind the PWF that he should be next in line for the Otani Openweight Title.

June 17th in Hubert NC I step into the ring with another graduate/newcomer from the CWA Academy Luke Grimes, seems like when all these guys graduate from the school the first thing they want to do is challenge me to a match because they know a win over me could lead to big things in Premier Wrestling Federation. Well DC Delaney thought the same thing and look how that turned out for him, I never have or ever will be someones stepping stone in PWF, I have been here since day 1 and have accomplished a lot; I have won a singles championship everywhere I have been but I haven't been able to win a singles title here


This year I have only lost 1 singles match on my road to the gold quest and I refuse to let some green horn who calls himself "The Golden Boy" stand in my way, so, Luke you might be bigger then me, you might be stronger then me but I have more experience then you and I will do whatever I have to do to defeat you and continue to prove to the Championship Committee that I deserve shot at the Otani Championship. So study as many of my matches as you can over the next 3 weeks but it will not do you any good because when the dust is settled and the smoke is cleared I will be the one left standing with my hand raised high proving why I should be the next challenger for the Shinjiro Otani International Openweight Championship.

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  1. Luke,
    You're big and look like you can push people around, but now, my young friend, you are dealing with someone who has climbed every mountain while giving up 60+ pounds to most of his opponents.
    I top my hat to the initiative, but maybe try someone less seasoned.
    But I see the thought; it would be a good one to pull off and he knows what he is doing.
    Good luck, and safe match