Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Anthony Jannazzo has a story

Last year I decided I wanted to be back in the game full time. I wasn't satisfied with 15 years in the business going nowhere. I worked harder than I ever had before to be in top shape. I made the decision to go to the ROH camp, I figured I had nothing to lose at 34 years old. I went, I think I did pretty well, and had some great feedback. One problem was I didn't know who I was. I was trying to be Big Vito (thank you), I was trying to be Little Guido, I was trying to be every Italian that's ever wrestled when all I had to be was me.

One thing came out of the ROH camp that led me here today. The man in the picture below believed in me. He gave me a shot. That man doesn't know this but the day that picture was taken I was there. I was a scrappy punk ass kid who was a few years into the business. I was an NWA Florida Tag Team Champion. I looked up to him. I watched his match that night eyes glued to the ring. I watched him on tv all the time. He was my favorite ECW guy.

Fast forward to today....I finally found myself....I know who I am. I'm The Big Slambino Anthony Jannazzo! And June 17th I step in the ring with that guy in the picture. One on one for MY Premier Wrestling Federation Universal Heavyweight Championship. I know it's going to be a fight but I also know I believe in myself and my abilities. I've been champion for a little over 5 months. I've defeated the likes of Jack Cicero, Asafi, and even CW Anderson. I have no plans of losing that title. At this point in my life and career you will have to kill me to take that title off me. I not only got my opportunity but I took it and ran with it. It doesn't end here though. June 17th is another step up the ladder for me after I defeat that man in the picture, Steve Corino! I may be 35 years old, 16 years wrestling, but I'm just getting started.... ‪#‎ExtremeSlambino‬

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  1. There comes a time when even the mightiest lion has his last roar. The years, the miles, the bumps, the surgeries finally make him no longer the champion.
    Anthony Janozzo, you may have chalked up wins, but sorry to say from a guy who likes watching you work, those brass knuckles or your friends have had something to do with some of those 'W's.
    Now you step in with the old guard who knows all the dirty tactics and try and come out on top.
    But here's the thing: we've seen him dig deepest to get his hand raised, but you've coasted, or found other ways to win.
    Maybe he has something in store for you.
    We'll see if you are a champion, or a guy who found his way to a belt.