Friday, April 15, 2016

Victor Andrews stops by to talk about the 6 man tourny

"Mr. Everything" Victor Andrews is assuring that two generations will hold the 6-man title after May 20.

It's an exciting time to be in the PWF right now. For the fans as well as the PWF Superstars because we have the emergence of the 6 Man Universal Tag Team Titles. And every team in the tournament has experienced tag team championships in some form. You've got the Ugly Ducklings, Huey, Duey, and Louey. Or is it Donald, Daffy, and Howard. Either way I'm sure they'll show the fans a quacking good time. Then there's the Allied Powers, Austin Powers, Dr. Evil, and their butler Beszel. Next yo have the meatball eating, linguini slinging, fist shaking bambinos the Syndicate which in my opinion should stick to hanging out at piers and making cement shoes f you know what I mean. And now we have The Extreme Horsemen with the in-ring return of hi-ho Silver himself Steve Corino along with "Mr. Ed" CW Anderson, and their new addition the My Little Pony John Skyler. Finally you have three of the most dynamic in-ring competitors in F1rst and Second Generation, James Anthony, Dr. Jack Cicero, and myself. On May 20th all of these teams will battle to be crowned the first 6 Man Universal Tag Team Champions and you can put it on EVERYTHING it will be us!

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  1. Wow! Victor talking trash!!
    Any one of the teams in the tourney are capable, but each might have some workable weaknesses.
    The Geordies and DC will be an entertaining middle / cruiser weight combo that will mix dirty and clean, fun and tough. DC is an interesting addition to those two, I will be curious to see that chemistry play out. Also, I hope Sean's ribs are back healed fully as this could be a long night!
    Then we have team fun: Zane, Jakob, and Frankie. That is a whole lot of mass to push around and each one of them has found success and has survived hard tests. It would be a lot of fun to see those three work together on a regular basis.
    The Ugly Ducklings? Okay, I'll work with it, Colby, Killjoy, and Lude: fast, tough, young, and ready to go dirty if required. If Lance sticks around, that could be a really tough team. Colby has piles of moves and is battle tested, Killjoy is a great performer/persona with much more to show us. They will move fast work hard and kick out of a lot of hard bumps. Youth and endurance with speed. I don't know much about Lance, so I cannot figure he is a game-changer, but he isn't there to fill space and has some impressive bouts behind him, so we shall see.
    King, CW, and Skyler just have to be one of the front-runners, but things can always get interesting. Tons of experience, toughness, and Skyler is a top-shelf-er. That seems to be the team to beat, but there are a LOT of hard bumps in those bodies and the pace of the young guns could wear them down. I'll put it this way: I'd like them to represent well and I am tired, really tired of seeing CW down for 3.
    The Syndicate: Anthony, Wise-Guy, and Vinnie. Tough, mean, and dirty. They will give opponents fits with their size and lack of ethics. I'd been fun to see them work vs team fun, or get thuped y 1st/2nd Gen in a father-son grudge match.
    And then the hungry 1st and 2nd Gen. Jack is a big tough worker who has all kinds of holds in his surgical kit. And seeing 1st-gen back will surely give us some of those spectacular spots we've come to know and love. Adding the ground game of Dr. Jack and I have to put this team up with the favorites.
    So, some predictions:
    The Geordies will make a good fight, but DC is a bit green and might slow them down a smidge. When he does, they are sure to let him know about it. So I can see that team having some problems and imploding quite spectacularly.
    The Ugly Ducklings, anchored by Colby will advance past the prelims, but run into chemistry challenges when confronted with both dirty teams and more experienced tag-team specialists.
    Team Fun will make a great showing, but have problems with the bigger teams of the Syndicate and the Horsemen.
    And if I had to guess, I'd think a 1st/2ndGen Horsemen final might be in the cards.
    I am not sure if it is single elimination, or round robin, but it will be a blast to see this show!
    Each one is different and entertaining in its' own way with innovations and variations each time.
    Here isn't the place, but I am going to start adding a request to each post I make:
    Bring back Jesse Logan! Outside of the ever-entertaining Anthony Jannozzo, there aren't any towering challenges for the faces to go after.
    You need a Darth Vader for Luke, a Joker for Batman to matter.