Friday, April 8, 2016

Frankie Fontaine wants to make a point in the PWF. He knows he is overlooked frequently. But on April 8 at Wrestlebowl Embers he plans on making a statment and ending Jones The Limo Driver.

Jones on the other hand wants to prove he is more then Emanuel Bodega's henchemen... I mean driver. There are rumors that Bodega has invested a small fortune of his Bodega Dollars on training his driver.

Does Jones prove that Bodega made a good investment? Or does Fontaine finally get to prove his point?

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  1. Frankie is a fan fav, but I do miss his tag-team excursions with Luscious Lance. I have to like him vs the unimpressive untested Jones.
    He makes it fun and that's why I come to the shows!!