Thursday, March 10, 2016

Wow, what a weekend

This last weekend was crazy.
But it is nothing compared to what is coming down the pipleine for the PWF.

We are hoping for word from the PWF front office soon. We do know the headline match of our next weekend in April will be Adam Cole vs. Joseph Black but the front office has been in closed door meetings since the end of the weekend.

What we do know will be posted here as it becomes available.


  1. This one will be big! Not only for top-shelf talent in Adam Cole vs our own Joe Black, but a whole new venue with the potential for an additional show every three months!!
    New fans, new opportunities and a whole lot of promotion on base should make this a very well-attended event.
    I hope the card comes together well: this one could open the door to a whole new pool of fans.
    I love the shows and the work the wrestlers do, and I would love to see their pay-days get bigger with both additional events and bigger gates.
    See you ringside.

  2. WHAT A GREAT CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. Asaafi vs. DC Delaney
    (I just have to pick Asafi on this one: he due, and he's BIG)
    2. James Anthony vs. Frankie Fontaine
    (I like both, but James is just too light to keep the round mound of fabulous down)
    **If Anthony wins the Otani Openweight title on March 19, this will be a title defense.
    3. 4 Corners: The Geordie Bulldogs vs. Dr. Jack Cicero & Jagger vs. Militant Elite vs. Emanuel Bodega & Jones The Limo Driver
    (WOW: EBodg/jones would be a LONG shot on this, ME will work it hard, DrJack&Jagger just have to be some sort of favorite in about any match-up, but I have to pull for the Bulldogs: true workers and hell of a lot of fun to watch)
    4. L & F Express vs. Zane Riley & Jakob Hammermeier
    (That is a lot of pounds of dudes in there, edge to Zane and Jakob)
    5. Special Singles Match: Adam Page (ROH) vs. Victor Andrews
    (HUGE match: man no guess on this one, just watch the magic unfold)
    6. MVW title: Jason Kincad (c) vs. Colby Corino
    (Immediately followed by ANOTHER huge match: topo-shelf talent and high ceilings to let them fly!!)
    7. Shinjiro Otani International Openweight title, V2 defense: Adam Cole vs. Joseph Black (4th champion
    (Gooooo Joe!!)
    8. PWF Universal Heavyweight title, V3 defense: Anthony Jannazzo (29th champion) vs. CW Anderson
    (I am a complete mark for CW. Haven't seen too much of him, and I really hope things go his way)