Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What will DC do?

DC Delaney has been impressive in his debut matches and turning heads.

He has made it clear that that his sights are set on the title picture.

At Wrestlebowl Embers on April 9 he will step into the ring against a former PWF tag team champion in "Mr. Everything" Victor Andrews. Andrews is looking to make it to the top of the Otani Openweight title picture. He has made it clear that he respects Deleany but he will not let the rookie stop him.

Can Delany take a win? Or can Andrews make another step into the Otani title picture.

1 comment:

  1. DC, I'll always like a Marine, former or otherwise, but you are new here so let me mention something: Victor is not a light-weight. He is called 'Mr. Everything' for a reason. if you aren't trained up to the minute, he will wear you out worse the a Marine Drill Instructor.
    Best of luck brother, but I have to pick the veteran now a singles' competitor.