Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Don has some words

The Big Don Vinnie Dammochie has been very blunt about one thing.

He does not care what the Giant Togan Asaafi plans on doing to The Syndicate during the PWF's next 2 events the weekend of March 4 and 5.

Asaafi has been clear that his goal is to finish The Syndicate. But as Dammochie has been clear to remind us, that Asaafi has always been a pawn in whatever The Syndicates game has been and that their pawn is no longer useful.

The two will clash in a grudge match March 5 at Crystal Coast Clash 2.

Does Asaafi finish his goal? Or does The Syndicate take care of business.

1 comment:

  1. When you talk about brushing aside a 300 pound Tongan, you have officially lost your mind. In match after match the only way to get the better of Asafi is to cheat, cheat, and cheat.
    You might have nite-Stick Eddie Brown, Vinnie the Meatball, and the champ Dannozzo, but you can't take a man like Asafi lightly: he will remind you in short order that there are consequences.