Tuesday, March 29, 2016

James Anthony has something to say

James Anthony has several points to make going into Wrestlebowl Embers Next Friday; and Premier of Honor next Saturday.

Before I discuss my opponents for April I have something to get off my chest, on 3/19/2016 I was schedule to face Joseph Black for the Shinjiro Otani Openweight Championship and it didn't happen instead I wrestled and beat Will Huckaby in the middle of the ring PROVING I can defeat anyone placed in front of me, now I don't know why I didn't get my much deserved title match but mark my words sooner or later it will happen and when it does the title will be mine. So I guess now I will have to continue to prove once again how tough I am cause on April 8th I face the $40,000,000 man Emanuel Bodega last time we met was last year in a tag team match in which my team was victorious but now we go 1 on 1 and don't even think of trying to buy your way out of this match because Bodgea dollars mean nothing to me and tell your limo driver & side chick don't even think of trying to interfere in this match cause I won't be in a playing mood.
Then April 9th I face Frankie Fontaine in our first Camp Lejuene show we had a lot of battles in 2014 over the Tag Team Titles but this time we will be battling 1 on 1 in a battle of old school vs new school, I have a lot of respect for you Frankie but you are standing in my way of getting to the Shinjiro Otani Openweight Title, I am not the same guy I was 2 years ago I am much wiser and focused then ever before and I am looking to defeat you and continue my winning ways on my Road To The Gold and as I told Joe Black bring your A-Game fellas cause I am always on mine.

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  1. James is ready to shine. Although he did not get his shot at the last event, he thumped Huckaby and looked good doing it.
    E-Bo and company will have problems with his speed and endurance. E-Bo's highlife has not done much for his conditioning.
    I think James has about a 70/30 shot at getting this done with the 30 being Jones and Sahara7's trying to get in the way.
    I can see some great high-spots, spectacular kicks, and hard bumps after an initial bad run with E-Bo doing some long holds trying to wear James down, four counts on dirty chokes, and a build to a finishing series, but it all depends on if the other two ringside decide to help out.