Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Is Dr. Jack Cicero ready?

We heard it best said the other day.

Dr. Jack Cicero needs to find his place again.

December his father betrayed him. And in January he lost against Curt Robinson.

He has talked about the fact the fact he wants revenge against his father and The Syndicate.

But can he get that revenge right now? Or should he focus on finding his place in the PWF?

1 comment:

  1. Taking a loss is never a lot of fun. But losing to inferior competition tells you something, and that is not what happened to Dr Jack. 'The Hook" is a rapidly developing, technical wrestler with all the youth and enthusiasm you could ask.
    He isn't worn down from working the road.
    Dr Jack needs to clear his head from his own father turning his back on him. The Syndicate is the target; one by one.
    the PWF is fifteen years strong and will be there when he finishes, for now: settle your scores so you can wage your war with a clear mind and heart.