Friday, March 4, 2016

Everyone wants the belts

The tag team titles are on the line at Wrestlebowl IV on March 4 when The Syndicate defends the belt against The Geordie Bulldogs and The Expendables.

Let's lay this out for you.

The Syndicate has the titles and has sworn that there is zero chance they will not walk out with the titles.

The Geordie Bulldogs aren't thrilled with some of The Syndicates comments about their talent; and it is a known fact that a less then 24 hour title reign this fall did not sit too well with them.

The Expandables have been owed a shot at the titles since they gave up their titles at Premier Tag League. And they are particularly not fans of either teams tactics.

It is going to be an explosive battle when all three teams meet, because the one thing they do share.


1 comment:

  1. I have to say, I hate the Syndicate, I like the Expendables, but I am rooting for the Bulldogs. Without the joker, batman just beats up on thugs. The Bulldogs are true performers and while they aren't Davey boy and Dynamite, they are their own brand through and through and there is a good reason they were most popular tag-team in the online survey.
    Good luck Sean and Markey, I know you will make it fun.