Thursday, March 3, 2016

Bobby Wohlfert has words for DC Delaney

Bobby Wohlfert has a direct message for his opponent DC Delaney at Crystal Coast Clash 2 on March 5.

He will not be making a name for hmself at the veterans expense.

I want to make this abundantly clear, to not only DC Delaney, but to also the rest of the PWF locker room...I will not be any man's stepping stone nor will I be any man's proving ground. I am the standard bearer of this promotion, of this state, of this sport! I'm not the one for titles, kudos, recognition...I'm here to fight! I've had to deal with the actions of groups like The Syndicate & Militant Elite since I returned to action from 2 ankle surgeries & now the time has come for me take the reigns of my career and steer it where it's meant to be and that's at the apex of PWF and if that means it's at the hands of young Mr. Delany, then so be it. You've got a lot of potential, heart and gusto but now is not your time nor am I the man you want to be in the ring with but be it as it may, you're going to get the man who loves to fight for NO REASON AT ALL on March 5th at Mac Daddy's and you better believe just because we share a common history doesn't mean I'm going to take any hesitation on I don't do that nor was I trained to do so. Next Saturday, PAIN BREEDS'll earn it or by God, I hope you'll at least fight trying.

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  1. Bobby, you are due. you've put in the work, you are ready. Go get what you have earned.
    I've never questioned your heart, and it sounds like you have found that next gear. Give em' hell.