Friday, March 4, 2016

Are they an odd couple?

I feel like singing the theme to the "Odd Couple".

Jakob Hammermeier will team up with the Manimal Zane Riley to take on Emanuel Bodega and Jones The Limo Driver on March 5 at Crystal Coast Clash 2

Bodega is still intent on trying to buy his way to wins. He wants to buy his way to the top of the PWF.

But his money has not gotten him as far as he had hoped for.

Can his money finally turn the tide?

1 comment:

  1. E-Bo has come a long way. From pre-show VIP matches, to curtain-jerkers, to mid-card, but always on the losing end.
    While Jones is pretty much decorative (I can't picture him putting together a win over anyone), E-Bo now at least has a plan, but the way forward seems murky for him.
    Perhaps instead of trying to buy people off to lay down, he should buy some more adequate back-up: like contract the Syndicate.
    Isn't that what crime families do? Sell protection and do dirty deeds for cash.
    That might be an interesting story to watch unfold.