Friday, February 26, 2016

Zane Riley is about to get serious

Zane Riley might like to make the fans smile, he might like making sure the fans are always entertained in the ring.

But do not mistake his desire to entertain the crowd for being soft.

He has had his eyes on the gold in the PWF for a long time.

And at Wrestlebowl IV on March 4; he gets his chance to take on the champ, Anthony Jannazzo.

The Big Slambino has made it clear that no one will take the title from The Syndicate; but is The Syndicate ready for someone who can be a true challenge to the title.

1 comment:

  1. Zane is like that big cousin you have who played some football, is really fun to be around, and is light-hearted as all heck until someone starts getting stupid at the party and needs to get sorted out.
    If he really puts his weight(ha ha) behind it, he is a whole lotta dude to be messing with.
    Can he take it from Jannazzo? Maybe. Will he? I think it could go either way, but if it becomes a handicap match, well, I don't like his chances 2 vs 1.