Friday, December 11, 2015

Will Bobby take it home?

$500 was enough to convince Bobby Wohlfert to walk away from the tag team titles. But he has every intention on walking out of Fan Appreciation night on December 27 with the gold back around his waist.

The fans will pick their partners. But one thing Wohlfert has proven he can mesh well with anyone when he walked into the last PWF event with Frankie Fontaine and took the tag team titles from The Geordie Bulldogs.

The experts are saying Wolfert is the safe bet to walk out with the titles no matter then partner.
But as we know, anything can and will happen.

1 comment:

  1. Bobby, highest respect to a fellow Marine.
    Don't get wrapped up in the small stuff, and the 27th is maybe not a time to plan: too many variables, like ALL of them.
    you could end up tagging with anyone at all and if half a team is not that great, it will be hard to be a great tag-team.
    good luck brother,