Saturday, December 12, 2015

James Anthony saying something before Puerto Rico

James Anthony gave us a buzz from the tour in Purto Rico to talk to us about what is coming at Fan Apprecation/Premier Tag League on December 27.

In 2 wks we have the Tag Team Title League Tournament where 16 of the best wrestlers in PWF throw there names in a hat and the fans pick the teams, last year I was paired with Monster C and I thought for sure we had the titles won but lost in the 1st round match, but this year I hope to change all that by going all the way to the finals and winning the the titles the only ? is who will my partner I am hoping it is Victor Andrews but those odds are very unlikely. Now I have thought about the other 14 guys it could be and I will admit it I have friends and enemies who have entered I mean think about it it could be myself and Reggie Reason, myself and Emanuel Bodega, myself and Zane Riley or imagine if I got paired with Sean Denny to be my partner HAHAHAHAHAHA naw that won't happen TRUST ME or what about if it was myself and Joseph Blackwail I mean imagine the team and champions us 2 Jr Heavyweights could and would make for PWF, but I guess I will have to wait until Dec 27th to find out who my partner will be and no matter who it is we plan to walk out of the final show of 2015 THE NEW PWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS

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  1. Interesting.
    I thought you might be focused on once the tourney is over getting them back!
    You are one of the top three I come to watch work man, your mix of athleticism, showmanship, great sells, and high-flying are a blast to behold.
    you have to roll with the random partner and that could be someone not able to keep up.
    Anyone you get though, I am sure you will tell a great story!