Monday, December 7, 2015

Are they really coming back?

We heard a nasty rumor that The Geordie Bulldogs plan on crashing Fan Appreciation Night on December 27th.

They have been very clear in their disgust with everyone in the PWF from President Foxx all away down to the social media desk. In their.... mind (some think this is delusional) they believe they should be the Tag Team Champions.

What is their intent?


  1. hell yeah. Come on down Bulldogs, you are the next contestant on getting your butts whipped by the ten faces on the card.
    You held the belts for all of twenty-five minutes, so you are record holders!! THE SHORTEST TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP REIGN EVER
    You should come by and collect your awards for best tag-team, you have made it worthwhile every time you have stepped in. You are both true workers and entertainers, so take the nod the fans have given you.
    Then go take a thumping.

  2. And Another thing, you stinkin' limey'es, you'd almost better show up to collect your 'most hated' and 'best tag-team'. If we, the fans are going to give you the nod on being the best tag-team, though your record of losses is impressive, you'd best turn up to at least pick up the plaque.
    All that said, it is truly a pleasure to watch you both work. There is no lack of commitment to your roles, and every promo on youtube shows that your characters are always thinking of the next angle, the next promo, and the next way to entertain.
    Highest respect for your work, the boxing match, the tag-team matches, and especially the favor you did for Zach on his birthday. That was something I'll long remember and appreciate.
    Drop by and sell me some stuff! Let me show my appreciation for your work.
    I see the new yellow shorts online, bring em' by and I'll buy two!