Friday, November 6, 2015

Reggie has one last thing to say

Time draws near, for a radical change to take place.... Official vs artificial, Reason vs Jagger for the OFFICIAL winner of the Legacy Cup; which leads to other roads but I digress. Then we have M.E vs team Black Hammer and they can't stop nailing each other, (literally, they even do it on a ladder?) quite fascinating team. Then the next night M.E has the thoroughbred Geordie Bulldogs.... This is going to be a combustible weekend of PWF competition top to bottom! Where anything and everything can and will happen, by any means....Militant Mayhem will be at it's finest at Fallout. Then on to Mac Daddy's where the Militant Daddy Macks of domination Raise em up and shut em down!! You're either with M.E OR AGAINST M. E, either way stand up or shut it down!!!


  1. Big week-end no doubt. But there is something that seems to have gotten by you about tonight's match-up: you can't win the tag match.
    If you beat two cruiser-weights who have never tagged up and aren't aligned so what?
    If you lose after talking so very much, to that team, what are you?
    If you have a big weight advantage and a regular partner and you can't even put together a win against a thrown together team of smaller wrestlers, how much respect do you think ANYONE will give you from there on out?
    As far as you and Jagger, yep: same thing.
    You lose last month, and now you get another shot. You complained whined and moaned enough that you got what you wanted: another shot at the guy who beat you before.
    If you lose: everything you've said is garbage.
    If you win, you are still 1-1. So what?

    Everything to lose and nothing to gain: that's your fight tonight.

  2. As far as MacD's: you are still moving backwards!!
    One night you're in for at least some respect locking up with Jagger. If you lose you'll lose to a top tier wrester.
    But....the next night, Bobby vs.Huckaby is the same loop: win and you had two shots that you got after whining. Lose and everything you said was a lie.
    And you Reggie have Timmy vs the bulldogs, but here's the thing: they aren't the champs. All you can do is move backwards. Lose and you confirm that they belong at the top going for the belts. Win and you have another monumental hurdle in front of you: 1stGen.
    Reggie, if you beat Jagger (HA!) good on you. More likely you'll work to set up a dirty win for Saturday with your crew.
    No matter what, you can't get ahead by draggin' others down: you have to rack some wins and then maybe you'll get what you want.