Wednesday, November 11, 2015

James Anthony is not happy

James Anthony is not happy.
He is not happy with what happened this previous weekend at our first PWF double header.
He is not happy with his tag team partner Victor Andrews f1rST Generation.
He is not happy with The Geordie Bulldogs

When we offered him the floor. He had a lot to say.

So its been a rough rough wk for me and my family I went through something I thought I would never have to experience but I did and I hope I will never go through it again, and when I talked to the Premier Wrestling Federation Board Of Directors on Tuesday afternoon I was told to stay home and take care of my family and my girlfriend and not worry about the show so I did. After I left the PWF office I went to "Mr. Everything" Victor Andrews house and we talked and we decided it would be best to forfeit the titles and what happened The Geordie Bulldogs took advantage of Victor Andrews and FORCED him to defend the Tag Team Titles in a Handicap match and guess what they won but KARMA is a you know what and they lost them later in the night and by the way Sean Denny I heard your smart comments and jokes you made about me and my family and YOU BETTER HOPE AND PRAY TO GOD that on Dec 27th we don't end up being tag team partners cause if we do HAHAHAHAHA be scared my friend let's just leave it at that, now I talked to Victor all wkend and even some this wk and not one time has he mentioned us wrestling on Jan 30th at WrestleBrawl and why is that, we are supposed to be brothers and partners we tell each other everything good or bad so why not this huh I mean you beat some old washed up 24 yr old veteran in Jimmy Cicero who's glory days have been over for yrs now and you think that you on top of the world and about to get a contract or something and I mean no disrespect to you Jimmy Cicero either just stating the facts cause record books shows we did it last month in tag action also. I mean personally I thought me and Victor was over this who is better then who drama but I guess not so Jan 30th I will just prove once again I am better him but I mean I shouldn't have to cause I have 3 singles titles and you have 1 yeah I went there PARTNER ‪#‎ShotsFired‬

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  1. James,
    First off sincere condolences to you and your family. you and Victor are THE top-shelf team in the league. Others have tried to knock you off the top, but failed time after time. you have a LOT to be proud of.
    Victor did what he had to do and the bulldogs took full advantage. He gave it a hard try, and I would note that he did not replace you with anyone else for the night: he represented your team like the champion he was and is.
    if you two have beef to settle, please settle it. But why rip open old wounds or make it a contest? Bret and the Anvil each brought different things to the table, even Dynamite and Davey were different.
    Square it up, get out the bad blood, and get back to reclaiming what you earned!!