Friday, October 16, 2015

Joe Black makes a statement

The Otani Openweight Champion Killerweight Joseph Black does not like the word "fluke"
He discusses the journey that he will take with Jakob Hammermier at PWF: "Fall Out" November 6th and as he defends the title against the former champ on November 7th.
Apparently me beating both a CHIKARA star and hot ROH prospect is being considered a fluke... I guess Jakob's logic was I didn't pin him to win the match, but I did tear through him with a spear and walk away with the Otani Championship. And that's all that matters... wins.
Militant Elite and their agenda concerns me not. I'm Haitian, bubba. Doesn't matter who my partner is, I'll walk through each circle of Inferno with Jakob until we reach the Purgatory of this Ladder Match the next night.
That ladder will be like a stairway straight into Paradise. I've never been so arrogant to predict something as unpredictable as the Future. So there's no poetry or historical allusions to offer here... The rightful champion will remain so, take that as you will.

1 comment:

  1. Well-deserved win last match to JB. But to be the man....
    Your respect will come with not just being declared the winner, but by vanquishing the foe.
    Your game is good enough, you have the tools and the talent. Let's see if the desire matches the intent!
    Good luck, and have a safe match.