Friday, October 30, 2015

Asafi stepping up

Asafi wants to show that he does not need anyones help to make a statement in the PWF.
The biggest step that he can make in that is to take out his old manager and mentor Vinnie Damoochie's newest charge Anthony Jannazzo. The two butt heads at "Saturday Night is Alright for Fightin" on November 7.
Asafi wants his chance to shine and step up to the plate to take PWF gold in the future. Does he step up or does Jannazzo put an end to the plan?
Join us on November 7 to find out.

1 comment:

  1. Asafi should be gunning for the belt. He's the biggest, strongest dude in the whole promotion and he has the tools and talent to win against anyone on the card.
    Maybe him and Jagger could form a mutual protection society to stuff Militant Defeat's attempts to tilt the field.
    The Syndicate has been less than impressive, but it can be tough to overcome a pile of cheaters thumping you.
    Big guy, I hope you tear his head off, and get a couple stomps in on the Meatball Damoochi.
    good luck and safe match