Wednesday, September 16, 2015

PWF Legacy Cup on September 24!


  1. interesting card!! Huckaby vs the king? hmmm. CW vs bobby should be a burner; both work hard and fast, but CW seems to be moving toward the darkside, so I can only hope Bobby doesn't fall prey to a bad deal. I have to favor jagger vs Emanuel, but the newly rich is making a good run with a bad attitude. Timmy vs Frankie? I won't even give that a guess.
    I must confess I would come to watch 1stgen vs anyone and jakob vs Joe? jakob has the personality, but joe is pretty close to the total package; ground, air, and look; he will be tough to beat.
    All the best to the workers for a safe show, and see you there

  2. Hey!!
    Where are Jesse and the bulldogs? How can you have Luke Skywalker without Darth Vader?
    I'd show up to watch the bulldogs brush their teeth!


  3. Okay, my picks:
    Bobby over CW in a hard match (CW won last year and Bobby is due)
    huckaby over the King: wins by cheating
    jagger over Emanuel
    Timmy over Frankie
    Round two: huckaby over bobby
    Jagger over Timmy
    Finals: Jagger over Huckaby for a well-deserved faether in the former champion's cap