Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Honor Comes To Hubert on August 28!

Friday, August 28-PWF "Honor Comes To Hubert"
                        Hashimoto Hall
                        400 Hubert Blvd.
                        Hubert, NC 28539
                        Belltime-7:30 pm

1. Shinjiro Otani International Openweight title, V3 defense: Jakob Hammermeier (1st champion) vs. Shane Matthews 
2. PWF Tag Team titles, V6 defense: F1rst Generation (31st champions) vs. Militant Elite (Timmy Lou Retton & Reggie Reason)
3. Loser Leaves Town: Joe Joe Dancer vs. Hangman Jesse Logan
4. ROH Challenge Match: Will Ferrera vs. Black Cloud Joe Black
5. ROH vs. PWF: Rhett Titus vs. Jagger
6. ROH vs. PWF: Cheeseburger vs. Emanuel Bodega
7. Winner of the Fall Gets #1 Seed In The Legacy Cup: King Corino, Zane Riley, & Assafi vs. Vinnie Damoochie, Will Huckaby, & X
Plus more! 


  1. I've enjoyed every show for about a year now, but this card is stacked!!
    ROH workers in our ring against our favorites?? Two title matches and a host of other show-case main event-worthy matches all on one card! Get there early and get a good seat! This one should be packed.

  2. 1stGen, you signed up for a couple of big boys with big game, best of luck in keep the belts where they belong! Careful of the other two!! JoJo, you're taking a heck of a big bite and I hope you can chew him up and spit him out. And the #1 seed match should be pretty wild!!
    Have a safe match gentlemen, you'll see me ringside.

  3. JoJo NOOOOOOOO! I hope the local boy made good comes back soon. Maybe a mysterious masked man with a similar build and style will emerge.
    And Lance gone back to the dark-side?? Gone was the smiling partner to fan-fav Frankie. Great, and I mean great to see him back in the ring, but ambushing The King? The promo lead-ups teased this, but I did NOT see this coming. it just never seemed possible for Lance to go bad. But like his narrative said "Anger festers".
    Great show, really. I say this often and I mean it, but this one was well above the curve.
    See you the 24th!!

  4. As an enthusiastic mark, I want to say that the coordination and the story-lines are really rolling along well. I'm consistently impressed with the level of work from the crew and while yes some are smoother than others or sell better, I cannot point to missed spots, or bad work in a PWF show. The creativity and execution are obvious products of a well-run promotion and it is not lost on me that I get to see this for ten dollars.
    Just wanted to say that I really appreciate the work.