Tuesday, July 7, 2015

What is wrong with Colby Corino?!!!

Many insiders have picked Colby Corino to be one of the leaders of the next generation of professional wrestling. A young "vet" at 18 years old, Colby Corino has been wrestling for five years. He has appeared in not just the United States, but Japan, Canada, England, and Germany. That is a lot for an 18 year old.

But, about six months ago, people noticed a change in Colby Corino's attitude. No longer the "nice kid" or "Steve Corino's child", he was angry. An anger had built up inside him that no one could explain. 

BJ Whitmer.

The man that King Corino himself called "The most evil man I have ever encountered in professional wrestling." recruited Colby Corino to become a member of The Decade in Ring Of Honor. And what young kid wouldn't take advice from a multi-time ROH World tag team champion? What young kid wouldn't take the opportunity to become a National television star at 18?

But at what cost?

Colby Corino's attitude has soured the fans of the PWF. Fans saw him blatantly pull Jack Cicero's tights to gain the win. And then get involved in the Otani Openweight title match with Jakob Hammermeier and Joe Black. He is making enemies.

Can the PWF save the 2014 Most Popular Wrestler of the Year, or will he become the 2015 Most Hated Wrestler of the Year???

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  1. Tough to see a favorite go to the darkside. He doesn't need to bend the rules to succeed. But I hold out the hope that this is something that will pass. After all, the King won't let him get too far down the wrong road.
    Or will he?